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Update 10/03/2015:

Good news: The A-6 Intruder exhaust set is new ready and can be ordered from the shop! Also, I'm making steady progress on the GRU5 seats, but there's still a few weeks of work in them before I can release the set. Have a look over on my Facebook page for some more updates and pictures.

Update 17/01/2015:

A belated "Happy New Year" from Hypersonic Models! I have updated the "Coming Soon" and "In Preparation" categories so you can see what I'm currently working on. The Skywarrior wheel well won't be coming anytime soon I'm afraid as I've decided to correct even more than I originally thought. I'll have to re-do some of the bits I had made already...This will take its time. But the A-3 will get some more attention in the form of canopy and engine corrections. The A-6 Intruder exhaust masters are back from the 3D printers and look good. Some sanding and finishing is required and then I can start moulding the parts.

Update 24/12/2014:

From everyone at Hyperosnic Models (that's me, my wife and our cat): "Merry Christmas everyone!" Many thanks to all customers for making this year our busiest yet, we really appreciate your faith in Hypersonic Models' products. I'm working on new products right now and I hope I can put out some details soon. Stay tuned and all teh best for 2015!

Update 18/11/2014:

Ok, the X-15 sets are now ready to order again!! I have to ask for some patience though as each part is cast to order and depending on order volume and my other workload it can take some time to get everything ready. Also, the brass gear struts are always only in limited supply so I may run out from time to time.

Update 13/11/2014:

Many thanks to everyone stopping at our table in Telford, it's been a pleasure meeting you! I'm slowly getting back to normal operations and will re-release the X-15 sets shortly. Work on new products will resume as well.

Coming Soon: what's currently in the works, physically taking shape as we speak.