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Update 14/05/2017:

The shop is now open! Thank you for your patience. The new F-4 pylons are available as well.

Update 20/04/2017:

As mentioned earlier, I'm now closing the shop once again, for a few weeks this time. Some new products are nearly ready and I will continue working on them, perhaps provide little updates over on the FB page. I'll see you back here in May (presumably).

Update 13/04/2017:

The Shop Is Now Open. Most likely I will have to close again in about a week's time, but for now everything is back to normal(ish).

Update 04/04/2017:

I'm very sorry, but I've had to close the shop yet again, this time probably for a little longer, perhaps 2-3 weeks. I'm dealing with a difficult family situation and don't want to leave customers waiting for their orders. All shop functionality remains as normal, but with your shopping basket you won't be able to checkout/pay. In the meantime I will continue working on new stuff and re-stocking whenever possible so I'm ready for re-opening later.

Update 06/03/2017:

The shop is now open, thank you for your patience!

Update 01/03/2017:

Once again, I have just closed the web shop for a few days. I'll be back on Monday the 6th of March. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 02/02/2017:

The shop is now back open!

Update 25/01/2017:

I'm sorry, but for family reasons I have to close the web shop with immediate effect. Everything will remain as is, but the PayPal checkout is disabled. I'll probably open again in about a week.


Coming Soon: what's currently in the works, physically taking shape as we speak.