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Update 05/08/2017:

The shop is open for business. My e-commerce hosting company has been working hard with (and often fighting against) PayPal to try and find a good and stable solution for making PayPal's updates work with my web shop. In most cases there shouldn't be any issues, but if you experience any problems during checkout (such as wrong or missing postage) please notify me so I can rectify the problem.

Update 23/07/2017:

Ok, so I have now closed the shop for TWO WEEKS, I'll open again on Saturday the 5th of August. I'm available by email, although there migh be a day or two delay in replying. Recently, I've had some PayPal issues where a couple of orders had wrong or missing postage charges. PayPal have made very recent updates that cause problems with my checkout process, but my hosting company is on the case and it will hopefully be resolved by the time I re-open.

Update 13/07/2017:

For now, the shop is open again, but I will have to close once more from the 23rd onwards.

Update 09/07/2017:

I'm sorry, but I have to announce another temporary shop closure. Family comes first, not sure yet when I'm able re-open. Thank you for your continued patience.

Update 14/05/2017:

The shop is now open! Thank you for your patience. The new F-4 pylons are available as well.

Update 20/04/2017:

As mentioned earlier, I'm now closing the shop once again, for a few weeks this time. Some new products are nearly ready and I will continue working on them, perhaps provide little updates over on the FB page. I'll see you back here in May (presumably).

Update 13/04/2017:

The Shop Is Now Open. Most likely I will have to close again in about a week's time, but for now everything is back to normal(ish).

Update 04/04/2017:

I'm very sorry, but I've had to close the shop yet again, this time probably for a little longer, perhaps 2-3 weeks. I'm dealing with a difficult family situation and don't want to leave customers waiting for their orders. All shop functionality remains as normal, but with your shopping basket you won't be able to checkout/pay. In the meantime I will continue working on new stuff and re-stocking whenever possible so I'm ready for re-opening later.

Update 06/03/2017:

The shop is now open, thank you for your patience!

Update 01/03/2017:

Once again, I have just closed the web shop for a few days. I'll be back on Monday the 6th of March. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 02/02/2017:

The shop is now back open!

Update 25/01/2017:

I'm sorry, but for family reasons I have to close the web shop with immediate effect. Everything will remain as is, but the PayPal checkout is disabled. I'll probably open again in about a week.


Coming Soon: what's currently in the works, physically taking shape as we speak.