Coming Soon: what's currently in the works, physically taking shape as we speak.
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Update 06/03/2017:

The shop is now open, thank you for your patience!

Update 01/03/2017:

Once again, I have just closed the web shop for a few days. I'll be back on Monday the 6th of March. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

Update 02/02/2017:

The shop is now back open!

Update 25/01/2017:

I'm sorry, but for family reasons I have to close the web shop with immediate effect. Everything will remain as is, but the PayPal checkout is disabled. I'll probably open again in about a week.

Update 14/11/2016:

We're back open! It's been a busy weekend, thank you for stopping at the Hypersonic table in Telford. The T-38 wheels will go "live" shortly (as soon as I've taken decent product pics) and I've also got some more Skywarrior engine sets ready. All Skywarrior canopies sold out at the show and it will be a few weeks until we get the proper supply up and running so please bear with me...

Update 31/10/2016:

The checkout is now closed in order to start packing stock for Telford. We will open again on the 14th of November, after Scale Model World. Many thanks!

Update 26/10/2016:

It's little more than two weeks until Scale Model World in Telford (12th/13th November) and you have one more week to place an order for pickup at the show before I close the web shop until shortly after the show. Placing a show order has the benefit of ensuring the items you're after won't be sold out and you also get a 10% discount (in form of a refund)! Just select "personal pickup/show" in the delivery options menu. For out of stock items such as the Skywarrior engines and the F-4 wing tanks please send me an email or message and I can just add them to your order.

I will have the first few Skywarrior canopy sets for sale (not many, we're still working on production issues) as well as the T-38 wheel sets.

My table will be roughly in the same position as every year, Hall 2, wall position F2: 

See you there!

Update 08/10/2016:

I'm currently trialling new resins. This means that bit by bit you will start receiving parts that are slightly different in material and colour to what you are used to from my products. The material I've now started to use for instance is a little less elastic than my normal/other resin and has a surface "feel" a bit closer to styrene. It has a few other advantages and it's better for some, but worse for other casting applications so I won't use it for everything (i.e. you will see parts cast from different resin in the same product). Unfortunately this resin has this yellow-ish, olive drab tint to it, not as nice as the neutral grey of my other resin... I'm not sure yet whether I will keep using this material and I will trial other products as well. Please rest assured though that I will only use new materials on products that are for sale when I'm convinced that the products will be equal or better than before. I have tried many other resins in the past and never sold parts I thought were not good enough.

Update 27/07/2016:

...and the EA-6B exhaust set is now ready to order as well. The Skywarrior canopies are still not ready to release to to ongoing clear casting problems. We are working on it!!

Update 14/07/2016:

The first of a few new products has just been released: a corrected fin tip for the Hobby Boss A-6 Intruder family of kits (1:48). Stay tuned for the EA-6B exhausts which are just around the corner...