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Update 15/09/2014:

Due to some problems with the supplier of my cast brass landing gear struts, the X-15 sets are still not back on sale. Hopefully I'll get some parts soon...sorry for the inconvenience, I'm as frustrated as you are!

For the first two weeks in October no orders will be sent out due to me being away. There will be a few days in mid-October where I'll process and send any orders placed and soon after that, the shop will close for mail orders and only accept orders for pick up at SMW 2014, Telford, including the usual 10% discount. 

Update 25/08/2014:

The 1:72 F-4 pylons with adapters are now for sale as well.

Update 22/08/2014:

The 1:72 McDonnell 370gal Phantom wing tanks are ready to order. The outer pylon/adapter sets should have been ready to order as well, but I discovered a small defect on the master that I hadn't spotted before moulding and I therefore needed to repair the problem on the master and make new moulds. The sets will follow early next week. Also available (finally) are the 1:48 tank sets for the Academy thick wing Phantom kits (the F-4C will be the most likely candidate for carrying those early tanks). Although I still haven't seen a lower kit wing that hasn't got any of those sink issues, I haven't found a wing where my pylons don't fit either so I'm confident that the pylons will fit, regardless of the sink issues.

I'm also currently working on a set of full-length exhausts for the Hobby Boss A-6 Intruder family of kits which will address the glaring errors and lack of detail in this area. A tiny bit of progress has been made on the A3D wheel well set, but not a lot unfortunately...still a long way to go.

Update 15/05/2014:

The F-4 canopy sets are now ready to order! Please allow a little bit of extra time for dispatch in case I get low on stock...I don't want to send out sub-quality parts or casts that are still a bit soft so it might take a little longer than usual on occasion.

The 3D CAD drawings for the 1:72 version (yes, a 1:72 product!!) of my McDonnell tanks are nearly ready and I will soon start on the outer pylon weapons carrier as well. I haven't been able to continue with the A3D wheel well set, but work on that will resume shortly.

Update 10/05/2014:

It's been a long time in the making, but the Phantom canopy sets are finally ready. Well, almost... I'm waiting for the PE frets and instruction sheets to be delivered and I'd like to get some small plastic boxes for protection if the sets are bought alongside other items. The product pictures are already up - have a look. I have made mock-ups of a Hasegawa F-4J and an Academy F-4B kit. The F-4J features the VTAS system in the canopy rails and those parts are all included in the sets.

Update 18/02/2014:

Sorry for the long delay with the McD tanks - but now they are finally released. I have made a separate pylon set for the Academy thick wing kits, but the wing under surface in my kit has some manufacturing flaws that may or may not affect the fit of the outer pylons. I'm trying to obtain another, fault-free part at the moment to test if the pylons are good to go or need further tweaking. That means, for now only the Hasegawa and Academy thin wing options are available, with the Academy thick wing option following as soon as possible.