What's new

Update 08/10/2016:

I'm currently trialling new resins. This means that bit by bit you will start receiving parts that are slightly different in material and colour to what you are used to from my products. The material I've now started to use for instance is a little less elastic than my normal/other resin and has a surface "feel" a bit closer to styrene. It has a few other advantages and it's better for some, but worse for other casting applications so I won't use it for everything (i.e. you will see parts cast from different resin in the same product). Unfortunately this resin has this yellow-ish, olive drab tint to it, not as nice as the neutral grey of my other resin... I'm not sure yet whether I will keep using this material and I will trial other products as well. Please rest assured though that I will only use new materials on products that are for sale when I'm convinced that the products will be equal or better than before. I have tried many other resins in the past and never sold parts I thought were not good enough.

Update 27/07/2016:

...and the EA-6B exhaust set is now ready to order as well. The Skywarrior canopies are still not ready to release to to ongoing clear casting problems. We are working on it!!

Update 14/07/2016:

The first of a few new products has just been released: a corrected fin tip for the Hobby Boss A-6 Intruder family of kits (1:48). Stay tuned for the EA-6B exhausts which are just around the corner... 

Update 11/07/2016:

The IPMS USA nationals start in little over three weeks and once again you'll be able to buy Hypersonic Models products at the SAM Publications (now Hobbyzone Ltd.) tables! They are located in the vendors' room, tables 208/215/216. Stock numbers are limited so please get there early to avoid disappointment. Some Skywarrior engine sets will be available there too, but I thought I'd offer you the following: A strictly limited number of sets can be pre-ordered and pre-paid on a first-come, first-serve basis. These don't appear on the website stock so please get in touch directly via email or the website contact form. After confirmation I'll then create the order in your account (please create one if don't already have one) and send you a PayPal payment request. Once the funds have arrived I'll forward the invoice to Andy at SAM who will have your Skywarrior set ready for pickup at the show. And if that wasn't enough, I'll also give you a 10% pre-order discount, so instead of ‎£25 you can get it at ‎£22.50 (with the added bonus of the current good exchange rate). The pre-order is for the Skywarrior engines only!

Update 24/05/2016:

We're back! The web shop is now open again and I'll start working on some more Skywarrior engine sets asap.

Update 07/05/2016:

The web shop is currently closed. We will be open again from Tuesday the 24th of May.

Update 03/05/2016:

Please note: The web shop will be closed from Friday the 6th of May to Tuesday the 24th. Everything will remain accessible, but the checkout will be disabled. I will cast a few more Skywarrior engine sets upon my return and hope to finally have the contracted casting sorted by June thus increase productivity. Expect a host of new releases this summer as well!

Update 04/04/2016:

I'm currently trying to outsource some of my casting so I can increase production and free up time to work on new products and projects. The first attempt didn't go too well which is why some products such as the Intruder exhausts and Skywarrior engines had been out of stock for a while. The Intruder engines are now back in stock and a new batch of Skywarrior engines will follow shortly. All this has eaten up a lot of time I'd much rather have spent on working on the Skywarrior canopies, but progress has still been made. Please keep an eye on my Facebook page for further updates.

Update 21/01/2016:

Due to personal and work related activities, I can't dispatch any orders between the 22nd and the 27th of January. The web shop will remain open, but orders placed during that time just can't be sent until the 27th. Many thanks for your understanding.

Update 03/01/2016:

Happy New Year from Hypersonic Models! Another batch of A-3 engines has now gone online, note the updated instruction diagram (for download on the product page) and the small update to the pylon to wing fairing parts for the CLE wing, see my FB page for details.

Update 21/12/2015:

Sorry for the slight delay with the engine sets. The stock counter on my website was set up wrong, it just didn't count down and so the web shop allowed to sell more sets than I had prepared. I've now caught up but also got a few off-board requests on top of that. I will put another small batch onto the website in the next few days.

Update 16/12/2015:

The Skywarrior engine sets are finally ready and available in the shop! Please note that in contrast to most of my other products, I will produce them in small batches of about 10 sets a time and make only those numbers available to order. So please don't be alarmed if an "out of stock" notice appears - just check back a few days later as I will re-stock them as soon as I can. This is because of the high number of parts in each set and the time it takes to produce them. I don't want to leave you waiting for your orders for too long in case I can't fill them immediately.

Update 10/11/2015:

The webshop is now back open. A few products are currently sold out, but will be coming back over the next couple of weeks. Many thanks to everyone for coming to our table at Telford, it's been really nice to see/meet you all!

Update 02/11/2015:

The webshop is now closed. We will be open again after the Telford show weekend. If you come to Scale Model World, please  stop at our table and say hello!

Update 28/10/2015:

Just a few days left to get your order in for the Telford show and take advantage of the 10% discount. The X-15 sets are currently off sale as I wouldn't have enough time to prepare them for Telford. The webshop will close on Monday the 2nd of November and will reopen after the show on the 9th. In case you haven't seen or heard it yet, there's some exciting news about current developments at Hypersonic Models over on my Facebook page.

Update 05/10/2015:

With Scale Model World, Telford just over a month down the line, it's time for making the show order option available. In the delivery options tab, select "personal pickup/show" to pick up your order at my table at the show. You will receive a 10% discount (by PayPal refund) on your purchase total as well with the exception of the X-15 resin sets. Please note that due to my (slowly) growing catalogue, I will bring slightly reduced numbers of each item to the show so I recommend placing your order in advance to avoid disappointment. The advance order option will stop on the 30th of October to leave me enough time for preparation.